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Soy Montaña


DJ Lion-O’s second opus is a departure from his freshman album. It is a beat-based instrumental piece that fills the ears with emotional strains that would make a schizophrenic sit in the lotus position, close his eyes, and chant AUM. The Euro electroish compositions will take the listener on a psychedelic trip where seatbelts are required. The poppin’ kick drum and fluid transitions are not for the faint of heart. Warning: if you are on medications for cardiac conditions make sure to take your nitroglycerin before you press play.

DJ Lion-O composed this work during a very dark time in his life but took the trials and turned them into prevailing victories. For all who dare to listen, this album is meant to be an inspiration, to be encouraged to endure to the end when the breath of a lion’s roar blows on your face.

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