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Soul Eater


Coming straight from one of Finland’s darkest and isolated place, Ravage Ritual is now ready to unleash “Soul Eater”, their first full length album. Born in 2011, they quickly released a first demo, followed by an EP, “Revival”, and a split with Teething, each one showing a stronger will to play the most radical hardcore, tinted with H8000′s legacy of violence and Holy Terror metallic approach. But the others influences that can’t be ignored on this record are the context and conditions behind it : written during fall and winter, those nine songs perfectly illustrate the dark, desperately cold and esoteric atmospheres that reign during this period, pushing this album further than the now classic black-hardcore game.

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01 Enslaved01' 35"
02 Fortress02' 34"offered
03 Devourer Of Souls02' 37"
04 Dwell04' 44"
05 Death Worship02' 09"
06 Blood Lust03' 54"
07 Absent Sun03' 03"
08 Gehenna03' 12"
09 Silence05' 29"
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