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Songs we wrote (#1)


A 7-year cycle passed between the recording (in 2003) and the release (November 2010) of “Songs we wrote”. Del does have an original notion of time, though.

Before starting playing music, cousins Mickaël Mottet and Francis Bourganel would just play. Around 1991, they started using keyboards, and then guitars, and drums, instead of toys. And creating pop songs, little by little.

Brigitte Vautrin joins Del by 1995. Three is often a magic number in songwriting – Del sort of found itself at the time, writing and composing stuff together, being first broadcast and followed (particularly by Radio Dio, in hometown Saint-Etienne).

We like to call ourselves “a variable geometry band”. We regularly swap instruments, sometimes right in the middle of a song, as in the track “The songs we wrote”, in which Brigitte moves from drumming to playing Rhodes, Francis from Rhodes to saxophone, and Mickaël from guitar to drums. You can actually hear it, as the album was recorded live.

Variable geometry it is. Geography, too. Not to mention variable timeframes. Weed-end rehearsals at a friend’s underground room, a few shows here and there, and several parentheses, as the three of us travelled in many places (London, Montbéliard, Beirut, Amman, Nantes…). But Del was always in our minds.

Late July 2003: Del recorded “Songs we wrote”, with no prior rehearsals, no proper studio gear, in three days.

“Songs we wrote” was recorded by Ives Grimonprez (who produced Raymonde Howard’s LP, between others – Raymonde’s album was released in 2010 on We are Unique! Records). All we had was an 8-track digital recorder, a country house, and endless excitement just to be there and play our songs.

The drums were in a garage, the guitar amp under a pear tree, and the Rhodes keyboard was in the garden. Hot days. The Auvergne countryside looked like Toscana, that summer…

August 2010: Gérald Guibaud, the man behind We are Unique!, decided to release the record, at long last, and send it exclusively to the supporting members of the label. Cartoonist Guillaume Long made the artwork. And Gilles Deles (who produced many releases on the label, including his own project called Lunt) mastered the already existing, 7-year-old recordings.

What you are listening to is the result of all this…

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01 Answering machine song03' 36"
02 You wear your hair much too long02' 56"
03 Sometimes gians fall, like angels04' 28"
04 Call the aliens (ad lib)03' 42"
05 My favourite question mark04' 25"
06 The cities07' 21"
07 Turkish delights02' 15"
08 Get to work on a horse06' 59"
09 The songs we wrote07' 46"
10 Disculpe02' 03"
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