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Meshing early influences as wide ranging as spoken word poetry, the programming of Detroit radio personality Electrifying Mojo, and the iconic Twin Peaks television series, rapper/magus Miles Lindsey - variously known as Ma'at Daemon, Intricate Dialect, Intellectual Disciple, I.D., or simply Id - began his rap career as an adolescent in the late 1990s. While still in high school, Id teamed up with producer and longtime friend Fahrenheit Temperature 2040 to create his debut album, the lo-fi boom-bap Life of Id: Basement Up, which the two issued independently soon after, in 2001. Around that time, he joined forces with Abolitionists, a collective that would collaborate on and release his second album, Solomon's Treasure. This collective would be the soil from which lasting relationships with co-conspirators Sun Hammer, Charles Trees, Shigeto, Tenacity and Kadence would grow.

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