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Label : TSUKU BOSHI (co-production with MODULO) (association Gummi Gumi)

Entering Dowo_Kun's universe is risking exposure to the incisive and indolent crash of machines, receiving in your face some non human stuff with the secret hope of finding some parcel of humanity behind its asperities.Llistening to Domo_Kun is dreaming with open eyes of singing binary tomorrows. Former dancer and choreographer, and today sound plastician exhibiting at Palais de Tokyo, the Paris based musician (strongly inspired by Japan and its modern culture) breaks, mixes and freely dissects during his creative insomnia with total freedom of thought and catharsis. Here, electronica fights hip hop for leadership among the incontestable reign of the machines. Hybrid sonic objects (Vert small pieces, Pigeonhed) featuring Wanker's United, Tellemake or Poborsk to perfect the scheme. Signed on Laurent Hô's label, author of a first LP in 2003 and a remarked remix of V.L.A.D. on D' rmxs, Domo_Kun, draws via his laptop the features of a compelling music topped with a fine characteristic elegance. Abstruse but never autistic, Small offers the attentive listener a sum of (sometimes) mastered and (often) flighty paradoxes, a rich and fertile ground for experimentations. From Angström Records to Tsuku Boshi, the french actors of a creative electronica scene prove once more that experimentation and quality can be united on the same record on this side of the Channel... (Review by Oropher -

"In the line of famous productions from label Warp (Autechre) and musicians like Kid 606... An iconoclast and totally mad universe, at times cheeky, more poetic and laid back than his fellow artists, filled with rhythmical juggling and audio magic tricks, not forgetting of course the quality of textures and saturations so typical of nowadays numeric genre." (Jean- Yves Leloup Epok)

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