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Le Skunk Mix


1996, a key year for 69db : itinerant and Spiral Tribe periods, Liveset Dub, Sp23 or Stormcore come to an end.
Freshly arrived in Paris with limited equipment, 69db took some time to re-create an operational liveset. A new beginning which gave birth to several mixes distributed on tapes only and had a durable effect on a huge number of ravers, so much that they still remain today central references.
After the hard, minimalist and quasi martial techno of the « Fuck Techno import » and « Fuck le Pen » mixes, « Le Skunk Mix » is more tribal and psychedelic in the line of a hypnotic transe based on improvisation… Nothing better in the morning at a Teknival to keep you up and kicking on the dancefloor....

We found appropriate to re-master and re-produce these works of the last century, benefiting from today technologies so as to release them to the new generation without them sounding obsolete. For we have doubt that the effects of this music are still as powerful today as they used to, years ago.

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A Le SkunkMix Part 111' 40"
B Le SkunkMix Part 211' 22"


A Le SkunkMix Part 309' 37"
B Le SkunkMix Part 408' 55"


A Le SkunkMix Part 507' 34"
B Le SkunkMix Part 610' 52"
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