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Associated  at  the  beginning  to  the  French  post-hardcore  scene  ( Hint, Bästard, Portobello Bones...) IDEM have gradually  freed  themselves  from  the evident  relationship with  their big brothers    to go and flirt with electronic atmospheres, of course still dark but more voluptuous and  rounded,  in  the style of Sofa Surfers or Amon Tobin... A music with suspiciously calm periods as well as highly devastating fits of anger, with an everlasting wave of  the soul between celestial heights and abyssal depths, between aerial guitars and underground infrabass... The trio will soon release their sixth album and therefore are preparing a new show  for  its promotion on stage everywhere  in France and abroad. The compositions have been simplified, yet  they are still highly efficient and  the group control  their purpose more  tightly than ever. IDEM's music admits of no label. So, sticking one would be no use and inevitably against nature. If you really want to find any consanguinity, look for clues towards Massive Attack , Erik Satie, Nine Inch nails or Mogwaï, among so many others, even more disconcerting.  It may be more explicite after all  to say that  their work would be a sensational soundtrack  for Maurice G. Dantec's science-fiction  films,  for  the American film-maker, David Lynch's film scenes with schizophrenic tendencies, or for Enki Bilal's frosty comic strips. Music for the eyes, pictures for the ears...  

IDEM : nouveau spectacle
envoyé par Groupe_idem

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