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siska EP


The siska project moves between neo soul and trip hop, an electro soul loaded with sounds from Bristol in the 90s.

This solo project is in someways the story of a pregnancy, that of Karine: lead voice of Watcha Clan. After 2 albums, Diaspora Hi-Fi and Radio Babel, and major international tours, 2011 ended with some great news... and it was on the road that it was announced. A few mùore concerts then 2012 and a change of lifestyle: over the time when she wove her way between various world stages and and festivals, now the time to stay home. Between her walks in the creeks, the studio and the seaside cabin, Karine settles down and rediscovers her accoustic guitar in the intimacy of her own space. Within a few months she's composed some songs. Alone with her guitar she expresses what she feels in “Dangerous” and “Badly” love, “You're the Ones” maternity, her ties with nature " Times Up Rise Up" and her fear for the ecology of our world, "One Drop". The tempo is calm, the groove is folk, soul, intimate songs which explore the “vibe” of the moment. The family is there of course, Soup Ju is the co-author of certain texts and Suprem Clem ends up recording it all in the home studio ... “making a small demo to mark the day...” It immediately produces songs more electro in style. Raashan Ahmad – the Californian rapper met during the Wilaya 49 project produced for Marseille Capital of Culture 2013 – cracks for the track “Dangerous” and there lies his flow "make some noise for love!!!".

The demo has been passed around and the feedback is unanimous, it's more like a solo album of Karine's than a new opus from the clan. Once that is digested, we find ourselves launched in the production of a new album. Birth for early 2015... it will be siska, a neo soul loaded with vintage sounds from Bristol, somewhere between Erykah Badu and Portishead.

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01 Unconditional Rebel04' 36"
02 Dangerous feat. Raashan Ahmad03' 42"
03 Badly04' 14"
04 You're the One04' 32"
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