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Seven years after his first eponymous opus, French composer Sébastien Béné-Le Touarin is back with his sophomore album 'Simplexity'. Inspired by Godfrey Reggio's movie 'Visitors', AmeshA SpentA's new effort goes back and forth between complex emotional landscapes and clear-sighted artistic visions.

Fragile yet massive, dark yet radiant, those 10 new tracks are AmeshA SpentA's attempt to capture and transform the essence of Reggio's eco-nihilistic visionary fable into another (highly) visceral and intimate work of art... Painting pictures with sounds to get the exact color of our own doubts and contradictions.

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01 Armilla [Triptych Part 1]03' 40"
02 Faces04' 59"
03 Steps04' 12"
04 Solipsism [Plastic Mechanics]05' 02"
05 Miniature Souls [Triptych Part 2]02' 55"
06 Sleeping Giants04' 02"
07 Nerves_Acceptance [Feat. Goslin]03' 42"
08 Earthshine03' 41"
09 Hostile Territories06' 45"
10 Abandon Ship [Triptych Part 3]04' 22"
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