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Label : Tsuku Boshi

We could easily define Sebastien Roux and Sogar as « engineers » of Max/MSP, giving priority to technicality and programming, to emotion and narration. But the two musicians are first of all story tellers, whether in their solo projects or here for this first collaboration. Inventing a pop folk on the edge of the cliff, extrapolating contemporary or acousmatic music in the universes of Oval or Microstoria, each track presents a new aspect of a work based on encounters and individual attempts... Treated strings, natural sounds of the wind or the street, harp rustling or bucolic guitar melody, the music makes noise or listens to the world around. Gusts of desires mixed with microscopic synthetic sounds let music turn into a wild protean piece of work, quiet and sparkling. Space and silence. We get totally sucked into these sonic mechanisms made in turns of metal or ebony. Polished crystalline sounds, blurred and repeated microsounds, sound waves echo like our every day life. The artists develop and intensify things here. The spiky nano-systems of our urban lives... still, these fragrances do have a certain undergrowth tonality.

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01 Nevereverland05' 20"
02 80% in LA Part One04' 25"
03 80% in LA Part Two07' 19"
04 Clever and Smart03' 48"
05 Speedreading05' 49"
06 Backseat manager Part One03' 04"
07 Backseat manager Part Two08' 28"
08 Beats and voices vs. Hobby musician04' 39"
09 Monday in Bangkok05' 48"
10 The art of conversation05' 26"
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