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Rows and Stitches


Originally Karaocake was Camille on her own, come to music almost by pure chance with only a Casio keyboard and a drum machine to express herself. Today, after several auto-produced CD-Rs, Karaocake is a three-piece (Domotic and Charlotte Sampling) who deliver here their official début album on Clapping Music. The lo-fi DIY spirit is a state of mind for Karaocake. Melodies are altogether daring, warm and intimate. Their synthetic nursery rhymes made of bits and pieces will emotionally astound anyone entering Camille's universe. From melancholic ambiances (Brooklyn Bridge) to 60s touches dear to Phil Spector (Eeeeerie) via hits-singles like It Doesn’t Take A Whole Week or Medication. It feels like Broadcast had bonded with Au Revoir Simone for the time of an album. Karaocake is in some ways our Casiotone For The Painfully Alone. The album seduces with its diversity thanks to 12 electro lo-fi epic tracks and its spontaneous craftsmanship. A pure oxygen bubble....

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01 Bodies And minds
02 It Doesn't take A Whole Week
03 Change of Plans
04 Eeeeerie
05 Medication
06 Never Sure
07 Homeland Inwards
08 Hide and Seek
09 Brooklyn Bridge
10 A Kingdom
11 White Tree
12 Not Trying Hard Enough
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