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Very few South African musical exports are as talented and prolific as SIBOT.
Even before being crowned South African DJ Battle Champion 2002, this versatile DJ/ Producer has been involved in many ground breaking collaborative projects.
A household name in todays electronic scene both at home and abroad, Sibot has become the reference and bench-mark for any up-and-coming local musician/DJ in the game.
Having set the bedrock for his career in 1998 with SA Hip Hop Band Max Normal, he has featured in multiple acts including Playdoe, The Real Estate Agents, Closet Snare, The Constructus Corporation and Chromoscience.
An absolute musical icon – Sibot’s career has always pushed the envelope, always maintaining his core ideals.
His directions have been multiple, blurring the boundaries between Hip Hop and Electronic Music, between live and DJ.
Sibots Genre-less style has lent itself to advertising and party atmosphere alike.

Live, Sibot has performed most major festivals in South Africa and countless gigs, from street parties to corporate awards ceremonies. Internationally the has been invited to festivals such as Sonar – Spain, Pukkelpop – Belgium, Printemps de Bourges – France, Paleo & Elektron – Switzerland, Glastonbury – UK and Splash – Germany and countless club gigs all over UK, France, Holland, Belgium, Germany, Poland all the way to The Reunion Islands.

One would be hard-pressed to find other musicians with this much talent and drive. As a solo or collaborative artist Sibot stands out from the rest as one of the few people to lead the way as South African Music in all its forms.

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