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Roji No Zawameki


Sometimes, without actually possible to discern the logic, the eye senses underlying order that reveals nothing, however. Even leave some details to think that there is nothing very interesting here, amazing. This accumulation of daily images, a moment arising from the frame. We stop for fear to undermine fragile. We listen.
"Roji no Zawameki" listens like a train ride nose to the window, like reading a postcard that you want to imagine the words read. The "moments" that we discovered along the two compositions of 17 minutes each.
The play "Zawameki" (rustling). Arranging, stacking, organizing tones to each other, Hogo (Nicolas Charbonnier) is installed on top of a hill, slightly overhanging the railway and the southern district. Rows of houses gray gardens preserved as the wild islands, seen in the morning light. Then made by almost intimate lighting, the night came
The play "Roji" (alley), collaboration with Mokuhen, recites a series of sound points, interspersed with silences. A desire of wandering, an invitation to solitude ... nobody in the streets or almost. Being a bit lonely unique companions with the sea breeze and the old dilapidated walls. Some passages lightning intruding in thoughts. Breathing.
"Roji no Zawameki" was presented at the exhibition "Jizo, Japanese deity" Jean-Marc Forax. The disc will be available in digital and CD limited edition featuring an illustration of Jean-Marc.

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