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The robot and the chinese shrimp


Those who were already thrilled by the clever mixture of musical genres on Fumuj's up and coming album "Monstrueuse Normalité", realeased in 2005, will surely be tantalized by the heavy tracks the new album "The Robot and The Chinese Shrimp" has in store for you.

Beware! Nonchalant dub-fans may be shocked by the judicious changes the group has orchestrated... The solid trio has made room for two new faces: A keyboard player and an English MC. This album, which contains powerful Hip-Hop strains, reflects Fumuj's new identity, a much stronger one. The machine is now at work. Listen, as the gigantic metallic beast launches it's attacks and strikes you with sharp melodies. At present, you are trapped in Fumuj's universe. Sit back, listen, relax and then jump up and dance like you don't know what hit you as you try to catch the heavy projectile that is being tossed at you at full-speed.

MC Miscellaneous, vigorously accompanied by the four musicians, delivers spontaneous and generous flows on five of the twelve tracks on the album. From catchy hooks to sharp rhyme-play, from vindicitive ("killers", "we live in", "fuck") to poetical themes ("tic toc tic toc"), and even light and funky verses ("play my fucking shit"), he exposes his vocal diversity in a rather disconcerting way.

With this new album, Fumuj drags us into an effective patchwork teeming with sounds, always on the run. Prepare yourself to be confronted to the richness and strangeness of their little world and to subtly walk along the thin border closely linking sound to music. When this journey comes to its end, you may, at last, get the impression of reaching what one can qualify as "the essentiel"...

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