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Yamori Kota had started work on his album before the events of 2011 in Japan. Upheaval .. He then decided to return to zero and composes new songs.

After compositions for piano and harp, here we discover the electronic tendencies, extreme noise, and the person. Condensed by a series of long loops left free, "Rhizome" tells faithfully the feelings and the
sensations of the protagonist.
Yamori Kota confided me the need of "noise". Synthetic rustlings, improbable melodies, textures alternately rough and liquid. Unstable sound buildings……

He describes his perception by developing a personal way of observing things. As a drum of a machine in the perpetual motion, the material is dissected and reconstructed here. Physical compositions where rough sounds, atmospheres of ruins and sound liquid collide. Behind this first flow, we discover a game of delicate melody buried.
A strange double perfume, as if he wanted, according to its theme, feed himself his own ambivalence.

This strange alloy of fragility and resistance gives all its strength and consistency to this first album.

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