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Res Publica


The Republic of Screens means, since the invention of cinematography, a virtual space that transcends the territorial entities and unites all citizens of the world around a common dependence. The screens are an output device that enables visual communication with their user. Since a long time, technoprophets announce their hegemony in the modern world, and their status as media and cultural reference to the future citizens of the Republic of the screens.
This is the leitmotif of Republik of screens, new audiotrauma label release. At the helm of this teknoize, rythmical, industrial and hardcore project, we can find Syco Trauma (Chrysalide) and Nasty bug (sub produkt).
RES PUBLICA is the first concept album of the project.

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01 …
02 worst of drugs
03 Screen dissection
04 The parade of screens
05 Res publica
06 To be broadcasted
07 The republik is proclaimed
08 Interference
09 Sex with a screen
10 worst of drugs Remix
11 Generation screen (Chrysalide Remix)
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  • Extract