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With this new album of unreleased remixes, JARRING EFFECTS & HIGH TONE have prepared a series of surprises mostly enjoyable : Dub, Hip Hop, Electro, Drum'n'Bass, Breaks Beats, Jungle !!! At the crossroads of styles but never getting locked up into any. This opus (CD version) starts with REVERSE ENGINEERING with the remix of « Musical Bonzeye » (with BLU RUM 13/ONE SELF) where you can feel all the biorhythmic particularity of their music (already notable on their first album «Duck&Cover». Follow the throbbing basses of LE PEUPLE DE L'HERBE on « Echo-logik ». INTERLOPE, as for them, offer 5 remixes including 2 versions of « Head Line », with a heavy and powerful 100bpm electro breaks beat or a furious drum'N'breaks version faithful to the live performance. Two versions also for \"Bad Weather\", one remixed by HYBRID SOUND SYSTEM who juggles with syncopated rhythms, the other by L'OEUF RAIDE in a more down tempo approach, faithful to his latest album. A medley titled \"High Stone\" ends the compilation. Here is the proof that when human encounters are sincere, it does show in the end! High Tone remixed with elegance. 2 tracks can be listened to on the radioblog by www.jarring along with other new tracks... genre zentone

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