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Push the button EP


The 2 tracks in the PUSH THE BUTTON EP (14th vinyl release from I.O.T. Records) have both been produced by Crystal Distortion and Arok together. A 15 days musical encounter that gave birth to PUSH THE BUTTON.

« Push the button » is a techno break peak time anthem with a 4x4 appeal that is ridden by atmospheric rythmic dirty samples ... The title sample from Mr Ecko's recommendation leads to old school rave sounds from an era we cannot forget. « Hosedown » takes on a happier side, and delivers its energy at a slower pace, with a distinctive toonesque feel that's gonna take you to LFO madness and insane effect tweakings, for a maximum dancefloor efficiency. If you do not push the button, we will !

Released on ...

01 Hosedown06' 22"
02 Push the button06' 16"
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  • Video
  • Complete
  • Extract

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