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Première Ligne


Early 2013, the group released its first album, simply titled "Première Ligne'. After presenting his relatives on the occasion of the "Non standard" EP, the trio takes time to develop his universe and his identity through 18 tracks without any prompts.

Object of struggle and resistance, the album is a declaration of war. Skalpel and E.One will address topics that are dear to them, in the continuity of previous projects: artistic creation as commitment, response system safe and bureaucratic capitalist,
neo-colonialism, imperialism and the arrogance of the hierarchical powers.
But it is also the story of lives in the heart of the most dense urban landscape, Seine Saint Denis, the Chronicle of the lives of the most vulnerable, exposed to all forms of violence and oppression. Finally the support allows the Mc's from digging more
personal themes such as the uprooting, the neighborhood from immigrant experience, existential loneliness or even the struggle of women.

There are the musical influences of the band, Soul, Reggae, lots of samples but more modern sounds. A special effort is given to the consistency of textures, of the arrangements, the realization and scratches on most pieces, allowing to make the link
between the styles of the 7 beatmakers involved in the disc: Warm T, Nizi, Saikness, Martis, Don Korto, KaBé Prod and E.One. Producers experienced, more young people, relatives and meeting new people.

This is Kash Leone from Tango & Kash group that mixes and co-directed the disc, bringing his expertise rapper/beatmaker and experience of its previous collaborations with members of the group.
Found Skeez (Hardkore & Ame) for mastering, used in production BBoyKonsian.

The first two extracts "Le vif du sujet" (Prod: Nizi) and "Ligne de front" (Prod: Saïkness) are for free download.

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01 Impératif présent03' 36"
02 Le vif du sujet04' 00"
03 Ligne de front04' 24"
04 93 nocturne03' 57"
05 Fin alternative05' 36"
06 Interlude02' 14"
07 Mon style04' 23"
08 Fragments d'une vie03' 40"
09 Si tu savais03' 55"
10 Seul(s)04' 06"
11 Fuck the police02' 52"
12 Flic de Paname03' 40"
13 La dèche04' 05"
14 Stress03' 42"
15 Prisons de poupées06' 00"
16 Mémoires des luttes 403' 35"
17 Enfermés03' 54"
18 Am i a fool03' 40"
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