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Oulipo Saliva


3 years have passed since the release of Angil's first LP "Teaser for: matter", critically acclaimed in France as one of the top records of 2004. Mickaël Mottet, the man behind the name, has not exactly been twiddling his thumbs: Angil and his live band the Hiddentracks have played many gigs in France, Spain, and Iceland (with the likes of Why?, Bright Eyes, the Kills, Brigitte Fontaine...). The LP and an exclusive single were released in the UK by Megaphone (Karen Dalton, Michael Head...), while We Are Unique Records issued "Matter", a 4-track EP including self-remixed and re-composed songs. Angil also contributed to the John Venture. "The John Venture brings together Angil and B R OAD WAY, both from St. Etienne. The seven excite the crowd with their carefully-crafted electronica-based, English language songs. They are subtle and delicate in their sound." (Live review by Claire Kember, Music Towers). Considered by many as one of the best LPs of 2006, the John Venture led Angil and friends to prestigious French Festivals (Printemps de Bourges, Rockomotives with Grizzly Bear, touring and collaborations with Anticon's Jel...). Meanwhile, Teaser for: matter was remixed by 9 artists (featuring dDamage, Andrei Kiritchenko, Tex la Homa, etc.) and the result, "Teased", was sent for free to all members of the Hidden List, Angil's interactive, supporting club. Despite such a hectic period (or should I say thanks to it?), Mickaël Mottet has managed to write his new LP out now in France, "Ouliposaliva". The original concept was found during an after-gig conversation in Barcelona's Primavera Festival, between Mottet and Hiddentracks' saxophonist Francis Bourganel, about writing a whole album based on the sound of brass and woodwind instruments. "OK", Bourganel said. "Let's do it. But please do not use the E key, as it's always been a tough one for alto saxophonists!" No sooner said than done: Mottet started writing E-less songs, in other words never employing the E chord in the music, nor the letter E in the words. This idea referred to Georges Pérec's "La disparition" (translated into English as "A Void"), a lipogram novel written under the aegis of the Oulipo. "Oulipo stands for "Ouvroir de littérature potentielle", which translates roughly as "workshop of potential literature". It is a loose gathering of French writers and mathematicians, and seeks to create works using constrained writing techniques. It was founded in 1960." (Wikipedia) Mickaël Mottet composed most of "Ouliposaliva"'s songs on a 1904 piano salvaged from a neighbouring clothes shop closing down (where it had been used as part of the decor). Instead of having it tuned, Mottet took the weirdly resounding piano as it was, following the example of John Cage's prepared instruments, and adapting his compositions to its strange Tim-Burtonesque feeling. He then gathered all 11 musicians of flexible orchestra the Hiddntracks (who incidentally lost their E) to record the album at nearby art squat La Fabrique with fellow producer Gilles Deles, who worked on "Teaser for: matter" and is a member of the Hiddntracks as a guitarist. Which reminds me: guitars are barely present on this record. Following the predicate stated in "Teaser for: matter" 's opening song, "No more guitars", Angil gave percussion, strings, woodwinds, and brass arrangement a good deal in "Ouliposaliva". He also emphasised the hip hop feeling that could be perceived in his previous works, thus giving cross hints to both Why? and Sun Ra, Lisa Germano and Alice Coltrane, Soul Couhging and Tryggve Seim. The final touch to this ambitious project was given by French comics author Guillaume Long, who illustrated with much inspiration and talent "Ouliposaliva"'s booklet. "Ouliposaliva" is now available world-wide through the great website, and French independent label We Are Unique Records is open to any licensing and/or touring offer in the UK.

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01 Do Not Think (Part I)00' 24"
02 Narrow Minds04' 14"
03 In Purdah04' 00"
04 You Most (Thirst Part)01' 35"
05 Took No Drugs, Had No Drink (it all was in our minds)05' 01"
06 Do Not Think (Part II)00' 56"
07 Trying To Fit03' 02"
08 Kids05' 23"
09 You Most (Part Two)01' 51"
10 Lift Trip To Mars05' 05"
11 Do Not Think (Part III)01' 06"
12 You Most (third part, as far as I know)05' 42"
13 Sylvia Plath, Libby And Small Ghost06' 27"
14 Final List06' 47"
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