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Nie Wieder Suckers


For its fifth release, the label D! FU chose to return to vynil physical format after a number of projects delivered in digital format only.
Out now a vinyl picture disc (vinyl with both sides printed) in a limited edition, it is a real aesthetic choice. Music that can be heard, touched, to looked ... and be owned.
Sylvester Engbrox who lent his voice and wrote the lyrics to "Nie Wieder Suckers" in German and English is also artist painter exhibited in Paris in VivoEquidem Galery, and they are two of his works that are printed directly on the faces.
The EP was achieved only via the net, Sylvester and Lawrence had never before met physically until the end of the EP!

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01 Nie Wieder Suckers Original04' 16"
02 Nie Wieder Suckers Drum & Jazz Remix03' 24"
03 Nie Wieder Suckers Laurent Caligaris Remix06' 48"
04 Nie Wieder Suckers EEDIO Remix05' 24"
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