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Nemilovany Svet


• • • DOUBLE EP 10” (transparent RED wine) 110gr. VINYLS 33rpm • • •
Recorded in the same instant than their debut opus «Uprostred Slov» few times after the fall of the «Berlin wall» which precipitated the «velvet revolution»... According to MIROSLAV WANEK's statements : this record is based on a fairy tale pulled of the «King Lear» of Shakespeare, this history of king which asks his three daughters : «How do you love me ?». Yet there is a Czech fairy tale which looks like that. The first girl answers «I love you as the gold» ; The second «I love you as the silver» ; And the third «I love you as the salt». «As the salt ?» answers king. «It is unpleasant, go away !». Later the kingdom suffers from a shortage of salt, and nobody anymore can cook or even feed themselves. King eventually realizes that the salt was finally also important, otherwise more than gold and silver.
• Originally pressed in 1991 as full-lengh LP 12" size.
• Here for the first time as DOUBLE EP 10" including new (covers & inner-sleeves) artworks from MARTIN VELISEK and MIROSLAV WANEK lyrical poems translations in french, english and polish.

• • • The digital version { .WAV } is given only with the physical purchase !
• • • First press of 1000 DOUBLE EP
• • • Manufactured, released & distributed since 2016
• • • GRr 025

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