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Mr Trombone au Pays des sons


Fact of cardboard and chrome-plated plastic… but especially sounds, sense, words and melodies, the album " Mr Trombone in the Country of sounds " is the recording studio of songs and narrative of the show of the same name, a fable on the tolerance and the acceptance of the differences.
Welcome to the " Country of sounds ", the country where various instruments and sounds of any hairs find themselves every evening to make some music in the listening and the harmony. One evening Mr Djembé is going to sow the discord by self-proclaiming better than the others. By wanting to save the Country of the sounds of the " Silence of the differences ", Mr Trombone is going to reveal to instruments and sounds the secret of the tolerance: nobody is better than the others, all are different and to make some good music, these differences are essential

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01 Myster T01' 02"
02 Les Sons Du Pays02' 30"
03 Au Pays Des Sons03' 03"
04 Barouf Mélodique01' 02"
05 Mr Djembé01' 51"
06 Le Silence Des Différences04' 47"
07 Bataille De Sons02' 51"
08 Leçon Du Trombone03' 25"
09 Tout Le Monde04' 30"
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