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Minimalistic segments culminating in a rich and deep sometimes even dark, melancholic and very gritty composition. A hauntingly beautiful voice that seems to be coming from the beyond, guiding you through a sound scape that easily could
have been a collaboration between Andy Stott and Julee Cruise mixed with a spark of experimental dub and ambient music.

One could imagine that Biblo comes from everyone’s favorite U.S./Canadian border town, but is actually living and working as an electronic producer in the multicultural heart of Istanbul.
In the course of her career she has released several highly acclaimed EPs and Albums on a variety of different labels and is also an alumni of the Red Bull Music Academy 2011. As an enthusiastic live performing artist she puts an emphasis on bringing her music all across Europe.

The album comes on transparent Vinyl in a fullcolored sleeve and will be released on Aentitainment Records in April 2013.

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