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Monkey Money


At a time of crisis, Paral-lel could not help drawing his inspiration from current affairs. The term Monkey money is taken from traders’ vocabulary to name the beautiful green bill which has made the entire world green with envy and which is today commonly relegated to the rank of paper.

This way, it is around at the same time than music, transformed into gold last century, is become Monkey money.
Monkey money, the EP’s first title, commands its strong hymn and its all-consuming breaks, and offers a piece combining oldschool breakbeat, pure energy and frenzied acid. An energy we come across again in the piece Skudio with connotation voluntarily more techno accompanied with its huge leads and fiery 303.
A devastating EP which only catches its breath for a Rabbit boosted by the dubstep bass and by catchy lyrics, a kindly salacious break just before leaping in the frenetic race of Run.

A piece which takes time to impose its electro-bass rhythm, before leaving to blare out the sound of guitars. A new EP which, from the listening, announces heavy sound on the next stages because Paral-lel still keeps being a group to see on stage, in the only place where music, whatever its kind, resumes duties?

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01 Monkey Money03' 10"
02 Rabbit03' 52"
03 Skudio04' 09"
04 Run05' 16"
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4.00€ Add to cart
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