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Mongolia Expedisound


The expedisound series is inseparable of the journey ... its purpose is to make discover the culture of a country and to share the experienceof a journey by means of the music and the images. Sounds and images brought back by these journeys of several months are fruits of exclusive, spontaneous meetings, sometimes even improbable.

CD PART : 17 titres ethno-électro :
During this journey a sound bank has been recorded. The recording of traditional tones and the typically Mongolian instruments, goes alongside to natural sounds appropriate from the country, from the animals etc. ... It is has to leave this sound bank that the artists contacted in our return were able to compose 17 fragments which compose the audio cd. Dub, Trip hop, Dub step and électro thus mix with Morin Khuur (violon has head of horse), Yatag ( Mongolian harp) and traditional singings...
DVD PART : DOC 52 min + Bonus + BO du documentaires
A real human and musical adventure, a road trip of more than 30 000 km from Marseille direction Oulann Baator, Mongolia. At the rate of the electronic and traditional sounds, the swallowed kilometres and the feelings of each, you go to follow the meeting of the team with the children of the orphanage of state of Oulaan Baator as well as the musical exchanges which marked out the journey ...Doc in french.

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application/octet-stream iconMongolia Expedisound THE MOVIE [french Only]
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