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Meta Meat


META MEAT : Phil Von (Von magnet) + somekilos (2kilos&more)
The duo's joined skills and energies combine real drumming & beats (somekilos) with real stamping & banging (phil von) as a
solid foundation for a vibrant 'duel' battling against twisted virtual synths, samples and machines. As the electronic sounds are
treated as radically as the acoustic percussion, the finished music of meta meat turns out sounding utterly 'tribal' - cruel,
merciless, sad, pandemic but harshly accurate. two antagonistic cultures scrape and collide against each other , occidental
versus oriental, modern versus archaic… And even an eastern asian third element is added to the balance to stir an even more
complex and brutal electro-ethnic blend. what if this album was a weapon, the perfect soundtrack for our actual world wars?
How can we envisage a better world? let us first try to transcend its poignancy.

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01 Melt05' 25"
02 Backstitch05' 11"
03 Sword03' 17"
04 Shudder06' 51"
05 Deepen07' 04"
06 Tamed07' 44"
07 Rampage05' 30"
08 Escapism04' 42"
09 Behaviour08' 29"
10 Converge07' 04"
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