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Electro, techno band MAZE is based in Tour (France) and composed by Sylvain Pelier (synthe, machine) and Lucas Simoneau (Machine, Live Mix).

Originally guitarists they met themselves at the Music School « Tous en Scene » in Tour. They began to create a metal band. Few years later it’s around electro music that they find themselves again. Because of esthetic and sound effects the decide to exclusively use analogic instruments, allowing to be free in the live performance

Maze was touring with Worakls, N’to, Joachim Pastor, Julian Jeweil, JUMO.

They auto-produced their 1st EP in 2015 and are back with the EP « Membrane » which is going to be released on JFX Lab in Februray 2017. A new opportunity to broadcast an heavy, dark and organic techno.

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