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After 3 years devoted to reflexion and creation, Erzatz is coming back. Unique meeting between France and Japan, Erzatz is a duo composed by the Japanese artist Takeshi Yoshimura, guitarist, composer and singer, and the French artist Céline Frezza, producer, sound engineer and singer.

This meeting was firstly artistic, during a recording session at Céline's studio. Then in the 90's Takeshi came in France to play music. He is the founder of few bands. The Japanese band Lab Life (Sony Music), Azian Z (Jarring Effects), and the Franco Japanese trio Yokohama Zen Rocks (Jarring Effects), which mix rock, pop and traditional Japanese music.
He had first appeared as a guest in Erzatz released, then as a permanent member, and finally as Céline's counterpart, as if it stays only the essential to bring the project to fruition.

Céline is in charge of the Jarring Effects studio for 10 years, and had developed her own musical universe through Erzatz's albums.

The band is a mix of two cultures, two sensibilities; each composer deals with his personal themes, two visions of the world, when added altogether made a personal and unique work.
The album title "Meian" illustrates this duality, dissociated but in the same time inseparable, these two visions are the two sides of a whole ensemble.
The underlying theme of the album could be the difficulty for each one to find his own way in this world, as a foreigner in France and Japan for Takeshi, and as agoraphobia for Céline.

To enhance each song of the album, the duo as called Aku Fen (High Tone) for the production and the musical arrangement, and the rapper M.Sayyid (Anti pop consortium, Air Born Audio), which adds a hip hop touch, underlying theme of Erzatz's discography.

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A1 Along02' 32"
A2 Don't Make Me Hide03' 42"
A3 A Day02' 52"
A4 Blow My Dreams04' 01"
A5 Life is going on07' 33"
A6 10 Mois01' 20"
B1 Yougure03' 26"
B2 Don't Refrain03' 26"
B3 Hakki03' 56"
B4 Not My Goal04' 20"
B5 Matsuri03' 36"
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01 Along02' 32"
02 Don't Make Me Hide03' 42"
03 A Day02' 52"
04 Blow My Dreams04' 01"
05 Life is going on07' 33"
06 Yougure03' 26"
07 10 Mois01' 20"
08 Don't Refrain03' 26"
09 Hakki03' 56"
10 Not My Goal04' 20"
11 Matsuri03' 36"
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