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MC Slicing EP


The duo from Marseille, one of the too rare representatives of the french glitch hip hop scene, which is just beginning, join I.O.T Records for their their first original production.

Our two culprits, Miosine and C.kel, who have been growing for the last few months after a few highly acclaimed and successful remixes (Missil, Tambour Battant, Nasser) that continue with their sound experiences with this digital EP which will hit your intellect as much as your legs. The two tracks of this << MC Slicing >> shows off the personal style of this Marseille combo... The clever use of the sampled voices backed up by a meticulous and precise sound treatment show a real command of sound decomposition without taking anything away from the surprise and the groove.

As it's name indicates MC Slicing takes a wicked pleasure in cutting up and re-aranging the voices in a well organised choas, to have them sing an incomparable song to the backing of enormous bass and hand claps. Algeria 25 adds a sharp sense of melody, carried by an Arabo-West Coast lead-synth as improbable as it is effective. An explosion confirming a good omen for their remixes.

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