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The King Tao Orchestra project was created in 2012 by the Black Brothers, who are fond of African and Afro-American grooves. The idea was not to create another ersatz of the funk or afrobeat groups of the 70s but to use the principle of trance, materialized by repetitive polyrhythms, as a basis of composition. Primarily created as a collective with a variable geometry to allow the maximum number of meetings and musical exchanges, the band was set to 9 musicians in December 2015 to deepen the game and cohesion of the team.

The current band includes musicians with very different musical backrounds, coming from classical,jazz, African music or reggae. This interbreeding, linked to the desire not to partition the project in a defined style, is the raison d'être of the group, stressing the importance of freedom in creation to fight against formatting.

Since its creation the King Tao Orchestra has played over fifty concerts, always with the will to make people dance and jostle at the same time.

Released on ...

01 Wake-Up05' 24"
02 Alep05' 24"
03 Woman08' 16"
04 Unity04' 41"
05 Mako03' 27"
06 Alma06' 44"
07 Pacific Revolution07' 08"
08 Tambourine08' 39"
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