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Rocked by Brassens, Moustaki, Barbara … delighted by the French langage, in love with words, Leïla Huissoud teases her young women's life with the tip of her pen. Her wish is to come back to a purified and simple music, leaving room to the lyrics. In the chiaroscuro of the stage, you can hear her fingers sliding on her guitar's neck, her breathe accelerating, and trought her gaze, the emergency of sincerity.
It all started as a personal challenge : she made her first musical steps in 2013 in Strasbourg's streets. Her path will lead her to perform on the TV show "The Voice" wich would take her project to another dimension. She released in 2014 her first EP « En chantier », 4 songs written for guitar and voice, and the first stone was layed. Then came a time for little bars and bigger stages where she built up her confidence and asset her writting style.
Now, Leïla challenges herself for the recording of her first album live after her 2016 springtime tour, with Kévin Fauchet on her side playing guitar, piano and harmonica.
True to her values of simplicity and sincerity, she put her trust in Label 440 and Jaspir Prod to support her carrier. Her upcoming album will be called "L'Ombre" (The Shadow), tribute to the shadows of her childhood trees, and to that part that we all have inside of us, to that modesty unveiled and sung, to those unpredictable paths that lift us up or takes us down.

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01 Bonsoir02' 15"
02 Dix pour cent04' 44"
03 Mon Français03' 57"
04 La Niaise03' 49"
05 L’Ombre02' 18"
06 De la merde grand public03' 25"
07 Les doigts glacés03' 12"
08 On s’connait depuis longtemps04' 56"
09 La vieille04' 33"
10 Ecrire pour toi (chanson d’amour)03' 09"
11 Alexis HK03' 24"
12 Les comédies en streaming04' 19"
13 Rose la belle02' 18"
14 Ma quotidienne03' 29"
15 Thomas03' 07"
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