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LIVE Carabosse Tour 2013


The international Street Art company CARABOSSE invited izOReL to work on the sound aspect for its famous "fire installations". The aim was to create a musical atmosphere in communion with the life-size images that appear in this shows. So izOReL put himself in the shoes of an onlooker, discovering or rediscovering during an evening the space transformed by fire pots and by big steel structures clad in flames and embers.

Under a roof lit by oil lamps, he conjure his sounds and he can feel people, catch them with this net of waves emanating from his machines, offering them a moment to share.
The perfect union of sounds and visuals. Each musical piece is made with that in mind, harmoniously blending both.
More than a concert, izOReL apprehends this project as an invitation to the public into a musical space where the spectator can discover or rediscover this space transformed, for one evening..

At each invitation he creates new songs with more words and more pronounced rhythmic bases, gradually giving way to his own voice.

In 2013, after a tour in North Africa and Morocco, izOReL decided to fix this work in memories producing this album "LIVE Carabosse tour 2013".

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01 Ouverture09' 36"
02 Bidad06' 24"
03 Silence05' 36"
04 Bakalo05' 22"
05 No Way06' 00"
06 Sounds05' 47"
07 Kargyraa07' 09"
08 Tumpa05' 05"
09 Pain08' 18"
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