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Lightin' The Shadows


A double album in which the Lyon-born band deliver their own vision of and show how easily they employ their impressive amount of influences. Indeed, if Kaly Live Dub is undoubtedly the French dub group the most rooted in reggae, it is also strongly open to new musical styles and at times more electronic productions. Proof of this is the first part of the album. Delays and reverbs that used to prevail and the drums rhythmic frenzy are now shadowed by heavy, crawling and ecstatic moments (Lightin' The Shadows) topped here and there by a Wobble bass borrowed from English dubstep (In Case, The Brown Noise). The band even clearly ventures towards hip-hop with imparable track Conflicts uniquely served by K-The-I???'s flow (Big Dada). Still, the Kaly touch persists and the instrumental inspirations contribute like never before to the originality of this French dub scene which, compared to its Anglo-saxon
and Jamaican siblings, seems to present a more organic and spontaneous version.

The second part of the album feels like it has clearly been thought to satisfy the globe any sound system around the globe. Faithful to theirs roots, the band take us to a flamboyant roots dub music, used as a solid foundation to set their imagination totally free and open themselves to many sound experimentations. An good example is the superb Wackies which draws into a long psychedelic trip or the very roots Peacefull Warrior and What A Life respectively featuring Joe Pilgrim - long time friend of the Lyon crew - and Bigga Ranx, young French singer and DJ from the dub hip-hop scene whose evolution and talents are impressive.

Kaly Live Dub are back on record after two years and it was worth the wait !!! The album simply touches excellence and proves once again to the world that dub music remains an infinite source for inspiration to these guys from Croix-Rousse, Lyon, France.....

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01 Zoll04' 30"
02 Conflicts feat. K_The_I04' 01"
03 Lightin' The Shadows05' 02"
04 In Case04' 35"
05 Wu05' 13"
06 Light's Thief04' 53"
07 The Brown Noise04' 46"
08 Moog – Lee04' 50"


01 Peaceful Warrior feat. Joe Pilgrim04' 08"
02 Wackies03' 14"
03 What A Life feat. Bigga Ranx04' 21"
04 Radical In The Vatican feat. Joe Pilgrim03' 32"
05 What A Dub04' 46"
06 Tension Spirit04' 10"
07 Sammidor05' 44"
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