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Les Duponts Electriques


The French trio composed of bass guitar (Daniel), drums (romain) and guitar/lead singer (erick) delivers an acoustic, soul-searching rendition by means of enigmatic lyrics and spatial harmony. The nine fine-tuned and carefully assembled cuts are pieced together as though in a tinkers’ workshop, clearly taking us back to the period between 1966-1972 reminding us of Dashiell Hedayat (in his "Chrysler Rose"), as well as the Californian Byrds.

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01 I know Hapiness03' 55"
02 Les grandes vacances03' 59"
03 Marcher sur la lune02' 44"
04 Rester ce soir03' 07"
05 Le roi ringo03' 40"
06 AAHAAA03' 22"
07 La disposition des etoiles06' 19"
08 Je vois07' 16"
09 Une vie sans problemes05' 34"
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