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L'enfer Du Decor


"THE HELL OF the SET" is the result of 2 working years. It collects the energy and the strength of the MMD acquired during these years of musical enrichment.
This first album reflects the commitment of the group, it comes from the heart and the tripes. " The hell of the set " takes all its sense by the mixing of the musical influences of his five authors / composers / interpreters.
With more than hundred of dates to his/her credit and 6 years of existence, the MMD, acquired the necessary maturity to deliver you 13 original tracks stemming from a only recipe.

It was realized, arranged and mixed in the " Studio of Cowsheds " in Cowsheds ( 07300 ) by Fabien Salzi ( Tit' nassels, Stéréotypical Working Class, Antidote).
Grips of drum kits were recorded by David Granier (drummer beater) of " La grande Sophie, Sliimy ") and the participation of Sir Jean (Meî-teî-sho, People of the Grass) will surprise it more with one.
The mastering was made by Thierry Cottin (mixing and mastering Eurockéennes of Belfort).
All these meetings sublimated this first album. You will thus have so much pleasure to listen to it that we had to produce it.

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01 Intro 01' 09"
02 Ego Trip 03' 43"
03 Mi Homme Mi Machine 04' 13"
04 Le Temps 04' 32"
05 L' Enfer Du Decor 04' 04"
06 Fees D'hivers 05' 57"
07 Crier 03' 58"
08 J'rap 03' 48"
09 La Familia 04' 24"
10 Poudre Aux Yeux 03' 42"
11 Trafik De Mots 05' 40"
12 Liste Noire 05' 01"
13 Farwest 03' 29"
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