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L'Echelle de Mohs / Solar Skeletons : split E.P.


Solar Skeletons are back on vinyl alongside french experimental act L'Echelle de Mohs. 5 micro-labels (Bruits de Fond, Theatre, Migouri, Ainu & Saucisses Lentilles) join their forces and release this split EP dedicated to extreme music. On A side is an extract in two parts of the "France ferrugineuse" impro session recorded in december 2008 by L'Echelle de Mohs. This trio composed of Claire Bergerault, Fabrice Favriou and Thomas Tilly (aka Tô) knows how to pull noises out of the accordion, drums, microphones, turntables, guitar and even voices he uses for his performances. Between jazzcore and drones, L'Echelle de Mohs plays with listener's heart and nerves, growing intensity, higher and louder, then digging into deep hole of sound, just scraping needles and strings, blowing distorted whistlings into speakers, stretching accordion 'til larsen. Slowly, patiently, getting bigger and bigger, ready to break and drop powerful sound waves again...

Solar Skeletons are always where you don't expect them. Forget the experimental blues of their "NecroEthyl" LP or the recent analog techno they played live. On B side comes "Lies and heresy", a 17 minutes long piece beginning in an ethereal mood and suddenly diving into burning flames. Grind ? Death ? Black ? Blast ! Or eternal damnation... Only the Solar boyz know how it'll end. Follow them during their descent into hell : you won't be disappointed !

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