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Le Ballet Des Airs


This « ballet in the sky » (ou in the air) could make the angels dance through its genuine delicate yet simple harmony. Both melodies and improvisations have great musicality. The trio formed by Remy Poulakis (accordion, singing), Philippe Euvrard (double bass) and Francesco Castellani (trombone) has a unique and moving sound. Long live this creative band of perfectly matched musicians !

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01 Le ballet des airs05' 40"
02 Beija flor05' 14"
03 Barolo05' 54"
04 Samba em preludio04' 45"
05 Una furtiva lagrima05' 58"
06 Laurita05' 00"
07 My folk song05' 51"
08 Maghreb05' 07"
09 Buona notte01' 27"
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