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Le bal des hérétiques


"Le Bal des Hérétiques", 3rd album by Spi and la Gaudriole, a just continuity after the excellent "En avant balèti" (2004) and "Tribalités" (2007) is finally available !
Prolific Spi, brings a more personal touch to the adventure, with several tracks entirely written (that we knew he could do it) and composed by him, always with total respect for tradition and history. The whole of course underlined by a solid rhythmic, perfectly reinforced by a discreet and powerful bassist and the precise technique of the hurdy-gurdy (omnipresent, as usual, in la Gaudriole).

La Gaudriole have found a way to express the depth and richness of their « trad » sound for some and their « trad-rock » sound for others. Jump in !!!

Released on ...

01 Fouchtra03' 41"
02 Le vent 03' 04"
03 A l'entrada des temps clar03' 16"
04 Tonnere04' 40"
05 Tourne La roue03' 48"
06 Suite de scottish04' 36"
07 Libres danseurs02' 59"
08 Brulorospi Mitchisanat03' 18"
09 Le bal des hérétiques03' 26"
10 Danse avec les enfants03' 00"
11 La fissure03' 50"
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