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La misère du monde


Simon Cholat's first album, 'La Misère Du Monde' is an unexpected project. It was first thought of as a 5 or 6-songs EP but expanded as various musicians and other came into contact with it. It resulted in an album born in the best conditions possible, and after 18 days of studio and 3 months of post-production, 'La Misère du Monde' bears 12 tracks, the bonus of well designed digipack and a few little surprises spread along the way.
For Simon Cholat, this album bears witness, or rather is the result of his 3 last years in the universe of being a singer song-writer. Allowing himself to escape from the Gipsy Jazz style and explore other sounds and musics, Simon Cholat has come back to it to affirm it with his own touch and musical identity.
As for the writing, 3 year old songs sit next to brand new ones, all written with the same bitter-sweet touch, which is Simon Cholat's own signature. Sometimes light, then deep, the texts are weaving on a razor sharp line, oscillating between lightness and darkness, then dosing in between the play of words and the solitude of the characters. Always soft, Simon Cholat's songs tell the stories which pops into his head, from the disappointments of a lucid drunken man, to an unhappy lover's tale, to aven a murderess grievances...

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01 Conseils D'Utilisation01' 20"
02 Porte-Bagages03' 07"
03 J'Peux Pas M'Empêcher02' 57"
04 Simon Cholat feat. Pitt Poule - Les Lendemains Qui Chantent03' 12"
05 Hidden00' 04"
06 La Fibre Romantique04' 45"
07 Avec Papa04' 19"
08 Pour Ne Rien Dire02' 45"
09 Échec Critique03' 24"
10 Requiem Pour Une Goutte D'eau05' 13"
11 La Chansonnette Du Temps04' 18"
12 Simon Cholat feat. Two - L'Alcool03' 55"
13 La Misère Du Monde 05' 59"
14 (Pssst)02' 14"
15 (J'aboie)03' 01"
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