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La Manufacture des Bruits de Fond présente : Pas d'erreur


La Manufacture des Bruits de Fond presents « Pas d'erreur ». First compilation for the unformated french label in 13 years. On the menu are 6 tracks as different as they sound loud. Fuckstep master c_c opens A Side, playing ready-to-rave acidic midtempo tune. Don't also miss his debut album on Bedroom Research ! From Solar Skeletons Duet is Ripit, following with feverish and staggered out techno which should get many ravers confused. First side then ends up with eastern techno punks Muckrackers, delivering some of the finest downtempo electronoise of these days. B Side starts on the edge of breakcore. Electric Kettle finally plays his first track for Bruits de Fond in the same vein of his previously acclaimed « New from Berlin » EP on on the legendary Praxis Records. Then comes Aphasia aka Jean Ferraille, back to his hardcore roots. « Pas d'erreur » is based on some weird and nihilistic words by Antonin Artaud, thrown out from rapper Djamal's mouth on Ferraille's high speed harsh beats. Be sur you've never heard something like this before. Last in the groove is newcomer Lost Forgotten, using his very unique modular synths on « Crawling beast », a surprisingly noisy but laid back track. The nicest way to end up this very intense piece of wax !

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image/jpeg iconLa Manufacture des Bruits de Fond présente : Pas d'erreur - Verso Cover
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