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La Furie


This year is prolific for Arbaa. The unclassifiable septuor’s from the south of France have a dynamic sound. At long last, after many months in the austerity of their studio, they composed this, their first album. It comes out in October 2010. It is engaging, hypnotic and it makes no concessions. Every note resonates loud and clear but at the same time there is the underlying presence of dub and rock brooding, the delicate mixed with the wild. Behind it, is the (ideal/ desire/intent) to unite a whole popular culture with their scientific music.
Some of the prominent tracks are a testament to this. On "La Furie" we can hear B. Joe Pilgrim reminding us, in the vibes of the clandestine reggae, of the atmosphere in Plateau de la Croix-Rousse, Lyon. There is also the merciless and persistent Reich Steve's use of violin in ‘Letmotiv’. "Ter" is a piece which transports you, like a wave on the ocean, and what a surprise when the last note sounds and you find you have drifted so far away, far away, but in the ideal place to listen to "Ronin", where the ample, deep, asking and intoxicating voice of Arnaud stimulates and inspires us. Then comes’ "Ferrer", a pure discharge of testosterone and dirty bestiality but containing an unsuspected power which almost cleanses us.
In any case there are no doubts, for a first record it is a roaring success. No track is to be ignored, the album is fresh, varied and projects a powerful ambiance. In brief every piece of this opus is a tribute in the music of trance, it is an album to be attentively listened to with the volume up.

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A1 Furie feat. B. Joe Pilgrim06' 17"
A2 Gordon feat. Likkle Johnson05' 47"
B1 Ronin feat. Arnaud Didierjean07' 24"
B2 Nausicaa05' 10"
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