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kontakt 06


We are very pleased to announce that after few years’ absence, the Kontakt series is now back!
From the start in 1999, this unclassifiable series has always highlighted destructured beats and syncopated breaks, not forgetting the dancefloor ! For this long-awaited comeback, two pioneers « IOTies» worked together to show you their two visions of the series, one undeniably festive (Arok), the other slightly more introspective (Loan) …

Arok explores Bass Music, frees himself from its genres and breaks out of its usual conventions. Sampling expert, he draws this “Keep Making Noise” magic drop on his influences, and it will for sure awaken the dancefloor ! IOT member from the very beginning, he’s also part of the duo team DoublScotch, and DJ and producer of the trio Squid and the Stereo. Arok combines multiple projects and collaborations, remains free from all chains so he can keep digging deep into an everlasting musical journey…

As for Loan, she invites us to join her complex world, tinged with dark colours as well as radiant soaring. Drawn from her rich and diverse influences, “Furioza” plunges us back into the raves of the good old days, intensified with the experience acquired in techno, hardcore or breakbeat music… The result is a distinctly tribal bass music, which became the hallmark of one prolific “IOTie”; now expert, she has built up her career with this very personal style.

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