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Kod.eX , an event organization based in Paris/France, will celebrate its 4 years of existence in December 2009 with 11 parties to its credit.
27 international artists of the electronics/industrial scene have played live at Kod.eX, representing well-known labels like Ant-Zen, Hymen, Hands, Ad Noiseam, Brume Records, M-Tronic, Audiotrauma and have made of this Parisian organization a highlight for the electro/industrial freaks! It's now time to pay tribute to all those who made what Kod.eX is today. And what's best than a double CD compilation gathering all the artists who contributed to the success of Kod.eX ?
This compilation will feature exclusive and unreleased tracks from Imminent, Iszoloscope, Asche, Mono No Aware, Roger Rotor, This Morn' Omina, Mlada Fronta, Oil 10, Flint Glass, Empusae, Twinkle, Ab Ovo, Lith, Detritus and many more !
Conscientiously selected by DJ Kyronn, this compilation is a blend of ambient, electronica, breakbeats, dark-hop, digital hardcore, harsh industrial and much more ...
A must have for all fan of experimental electronics!

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