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Jour de marché


With his first album, Azerti explored every corner of the house. This time Jour de Marché (Farmer's Market Day) takes off and look more closer at our current milieu. With his now famous and offbeat humor, Azerti manages to set to music and in words our mundane little detours that sometimes become our big highways: life in pink or in digital, questions of nationality, or scandals about asbestos, the holy bloody recession and free market disorders... Azerti touches on all of these.

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01 Mise à jour02' 33"
02 Javel04' 46"
03 On me croix04' 57"
04 Tout ça05' 49"
05 Le marché02' 24"
06 La vie en rose04' 15"
07 Me no be french05' 46"
08 Amiante03' 40"
09 Zéro07' 21"
10 La crisis05' 05"
11 Me is02' 42"
12 Remise à jour07' 05"
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