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Indonesia Expedisound


BAGUS SEKALI MUSIC is the first Expedisound Special issue.
With its digital only format, this Expedisound explores audio and visuals experiments unique in this serie. This is the shared experiences of TETAAR WEDNESDAY, who made several trips to Bali, and CYBERSKUM, who has spent several months in Indonesia for a documentary film over seven of the largest islands of this archipelago.
Sources and results that we offer has been made earlier 2005. The tracks are from the same period, few changes on the overall sound were made but the project remained as in the initial design …The imminent arrival of CHINA EXPEDISOUND motivated us to dig this INDONESIA EXPEDISOUND Special issue up from our hard drive.
This had never been released…Selamat Jalan ! [Wish you a good trip]

Content of the archives you gonna donwload
01 /Expedisound Tracks
02/ BaGus Sekali Tradionnal Tracks
03 /Sambalize It (psychoelectrodelik trip mix)
04/ Sound Bank [Use and Abuse]
05/ Vid3Oz Exp3disound
06/ Photos/Screen Saver

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