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[PRE-ORDER - VINYL] Pre-order « Imago » (vinyl version), the new release of Tangram on CD1D and 1D-RHONEALPES from 11/04/2016 !

Release date : 12/02/2016.
Digital release, FLAC and MP3, is offered when you buy physical release, it will be available immediately in your "Purchased Files".
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French & Brazilian visual and sound puzzle, TANGRAM is a playful space where electronic music, words and images are confronted. Intense, quiet, roguish and always positive, their universe feeds on the world that surrounds us and delivers a poetic and quirky vision of it. Every summit of this triangle converges and transcends towards the heart of the entity.There are three personalities, three artistic practices and three forms of expression that join in the search of sound and visual experiences in TANGRAM.
After ‘‘Mise en Pièces‘‘and ‘‘Écho Égo’’ tracks were performed on numerous stages and greeted by the musical press, TANGRAM proposes their third album today.

Imago :
Imago : final stage of an individual whose development takes place in several phases.

A U-turn for the third album of the band !
No more computers, they have been exchanged for a full analog set-up. Moog, Mopho, Tempest, Biscuit and other infernal effects, completed by a set of percussions, always supported by a satellite guitar, invite the
instinct in the live performances of the band.
The music fuses with the words (in french) that questions ourselves, exploring nature, transcended bestiality and our relationship to the world.
On stage, Benjamin Vaude’s word (MacZde Carpate) and Guillaume Dussably’s rhythmic (Jokari Players) are joined by the inedit phonotropiques images of the Brazilian visual artist Marcelo Valente (KompleXKapharnaüm), whose device amazes by the live creation of unique moving pictures. Tangram keeps playing with both form and content !

Released on ...

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01 Dématérialisé03' 25"
02 La Langue03' 16"
03 Coma05' 42"
04 Rodéo03' 21"
05 Eclipse05' 47"
06 Imago04' 18"
07 L'étrange04' 35"
08 Phoenix03' 12"
09 Récit Corallien03' 44"
10 Seuls03' 49"
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01 Dématérialisé03' 25"
02 La Langue03' 16"
03 L'étrange04' 35"
04 Coma05' 42"
05 Rodéo03' 21"


01 Eclipse05' 47"
02 Imago04' 18"
03 Phoenix03' 12"
04 Récit Corallien03' 44"
05 Seuls03' 49"
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