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« Identité » is an explosive and colourful jazz album, marrying the rhythmic timbres of the Indian Ocean; Maloya from Reunion Island tinged with the harmonies of American jazz.

Rhythm, melody and improvisation are the key values that the album embodies, always moving between the lines of the genres of jazz. Inspired by “the knowledge of the Ancients and the people from Reunion” Gael Horellou feels he has found an authentic energy and power through the African pulsation of Maloya jazz.
“An identity to be found somewhere between a Creole cabin roof and the red bricks of Brooklyn."

Gaël Horellou : alto sax, composition
Florent Gac : organ
Nicolas Beaulieu : guitar
Vincent Philéas : percussions, chant
Jérôme Calciné : percussions, chant
Emmanuel Félicité : percussions, chant

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01 Grand Brilé
02 Saint Leu
03 Identité
04 Nature Boy
05 Marie Moussassa
06 Ritour
07 Roi Dans Le Bois / Somin Grand Bois / Dodo Sia
08 Boukané Brinzel
09 Koh Mak
10 Lonely Woman
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