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I used to think everything was beautiful


"I Used To Think Everything Was Beautiful” is an exploration of self-destruction and nature – through field recordings, brooding strings, and a heavy atmosphere the debut album from Portland-based The Blood of Others embodies a dark and unforgiving sound. With a delicate blend of witch house and industrial, The Blood of Others brings a new edge to the industrial landscape.
The perfect Soundtrack of an wlak in a forest in Automn.

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01 When The Light Takes Us05' 33"
02 To The Silent04' 17"
03 The Thunder in My Heart Is Gone05' 29"
04 The Velvet Cloak Of Darkness04' 34"
05 We Will Shine (feat Boris MAY)03' 25"
06 Trace To The Ashes06' 05"
07 Midwinter Ritual05' 09"
08 The Word For World Is Forest04' 11"
09 The Beacon03' 57"
10 I See Bad Spirits04' 30"
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