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Growing Old


Grand March arises where rock and folk music meet.
Driven by the melodies of the singer, the quartet unfolds a world inspired by literature and movies, influenced by the glorious 70s.

Growing Old, the band's third album (# 14 Records), clearly stands as the most rock-oriented round of an evolution that has been going on since 2009, through experimentation and the will to fight it out. PJ Harvey's « Good Fortune » cover works like a mantra for Grand March but leaves the field to more committed songs, denouncing domestic violence for instance.

This album is also thought of as a mirror held out today to those we will be tomorrow... An echo – a humble dedication – to the title « Old Man » by Neil Young who was already singing, in 1972, « Old Man, take a look at my life, I'm a lot like you were »...

Novels, the band's first EP, was released in 2010.
The album One Crowded Hour... was released in 2014 (# 14 Records /

Growing Old is the band's new EP (6 tracks), to be released early 2017 on # 14 Records (

All Grand March songs are available on all download platforms and can be streamed on
Chronicles, photos and videos are published on the band's website:

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